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RingWe offer an extensive range of jewellery personally imported from around the world. We import gemstones and metals from countries including Belgium, Italy and Iapan. Each country has its own sense of beauty and specialist stones, and we visit each one to get the very best they have to offer.

By importing these materials from their home countries we can offer fantastic quality at very reasonable prices. We personally visit each location multiple times during the year to ensure the jewellery we import is of the highest calibre.

Possibly the most precious of all gemstones, diamonds is easily the most desired. Deriving its name from the Greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable or invincible, so called by the Greeks due to the immense integrity and strength of the stone.

In its natural form the diamond is a variation of the carbon element with its atomic structure assembled in such a way as to produce transparent crystals of the hardest substance known to man.

We import diamonds from Antwerp, Belgium - internationall - known as the diamond capital of the world. This gives us the opportunity to eliminate the ‘middle man’ and we can offer very competitive rates for diamond jewellery.

And if you are looking for a particular stone we can even track down the perfect diamond to fit your own jewellery.

Precious metals (including Gold and Platinum) are imported from Milan in Italy, which offers the latest in modern and stylish designs. Always a world leader, Milan is home to the cutting edge designs, and if anything is going to be popular, it'll be in Milan before anyone else. VVe get all the latest designs months before the rest. so you can be sure to find the design that you've been looking for at The Midas Touch.